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Geomatics of Texas, INC.

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By utilizing the latest technology innovations, as well as their own diverse experience, our professional staff provides a wide variety of surveying services with a combination of speed, efficiency, and quality.

Our applications include VRS real-time processed GPS surveys and have ranged from natural resource grade GIS-related measurements to first order photo-control with associated monumentation, reports and documentation. Our expertise at application has allowed us to reduce positioning and surveying costs which is reflected in our pricing.



Our Company offers a wide variety of surveying services including, but not limited to survey raw land, boundary, topography,  LiDar, contour and tree surveys, improved property surveys to obtain as-built conditions, construction surveys showing the location for proposed improvements including streets, bridges and utilities. We also provide digital mapping services which combine contour mapping with infra-red aerial mapping. Our digital drawings can be transferred to magnetic media or electronic (email) media for timely distribution to other professionals. We provide our clients with a survey plan showing topographical and boundary information pertinent for a tower location.

A cell tower project will require a description of lease area, utility easements, and access easements.


The diversity of our Company is directly reflected by the wide range in size of our clients. Whether we are performing professional surveying services for multimillion dollar corporations or individuals, our Company is committed to quality.


Member of Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors.


Richard J. Solis, R. P. L. S., Over twenty years experience in Surveying and Engineering. Mr. Solis specializes in GPS computations and CAD operations of the firm. Member of Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors.



Surveying Services

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) static and dynamic surveys
Geographical Information System (GIS) support surveys
Property and boundary surveys
Mortgage and American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys
Title insurance certificates
Topographic and aerial mapping control
Subdivision platting and legal descriptions
Architectural surveys

GPS Services
Precision control services
Aerial photography ground control
Real Time Kinematic surveys (RTK)
Post Processed Kinematic surveys (PPK)
GIS database control
Resource grade surveys

Telecommunication surveys we typically provide are:

Raw Land Surveys

Co-Locate Surveys

Roof Mount Surveys

FAA 2C Certification

FAA 1A Certification

Cell Tower As-Built Surveys

Cell Tower Site Construction Staking

Additional Site Topographic Mapping

Legal Descriptions and Easements




Please contact Richard Solis at the telephone number indicated above or at email address

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